Aindriais Dolan | Pure TFP Graffiti Aindriais Dolan aka Pure TFP was born in Galway, Ireland and moved with his mother to the Bronx, NY at the age of 5.

Raised on a steady diet of NYC graffiti in the 70’s it was not long before he began picking up markers and spray paint and making his mark in his neighborhood, where legends like Noc 167, Fuzz 1, P-nut 1, Mark 198, Tracy 168, Kit 17 and a whole who’s who of graffiti began to inspire and have a profound impact on his life.

Aindriais moved to Europe in 1992 , living in Holland and Germany returning to the US at the end of 2005. He has shown his work in galleries in Europe and the US and was featured in the German film “Whole Train”  where he painted trains and walls for the film.

He is currently living in NYC working as a freelance artist.