Noc 167/Pure TFP Print


These prints are 14”x18” on 335gm Coventry Rag These are Hand pulled, screen printed by the most awesome Luther Davis and his crew right here in Brooklyn NY. This edition is ltd to 35 pieces in Black and White and a ltd edition 10 pieces that will be individually hand colored by NOC and myself, each one a unique piece of its own. Signed and numbered.

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Funky Outrageous Style, Cosmic Characters, Outer Space, Colors, Endless unique ideas all rolled together on so many levels and then its as if someone added a stick of Dynomite to it and just exploded that whole thing onto the side of a subway car, thats what i think of when i see Noc 167’s work. Since i was a kid growing up in the Bronx, Noc was one of the first writers i saw an actual piece of in a book in Junior HS 80, around 1981. Someone had a sketch book and people were looking at it and i looked over someones shoulder and saw his piece and was just floored, “So that’s what that looks like on paper!?” I thought wow, that’s beyond anything i have ever seen. To me (and many other older writers) Noc 167 is the Jimi Hendrix of Graffiti, no one else came thru a train yard or Layup with the vitality and vision that he did/had and took it that far, ppl got close but not quite that level, Its raw talent, genius at its own level. I asked REE one time what his take on Noc was and he said “we went to Esplanade layup one time and i was at the end of my Graffiti career and Noc just blew my mind, i just gave him some cans and sat back watched him just kill it”

 I have painted with Noc and watching him paint is a real study in effortless style, his approach is like someone who Fences, it looks like something you think “oh i could do that” until you try and realize just how difficult it is to have that flow and grace under pressure, again effortless..
This print was an idea that i had rolling around in my head, I thought i wonder if he’d be into this? I wondered how do i set this up? I mean i ask him, then he says yes or no, if he says yes? where do i even begin? what will it be? I figured the easiest thing would be give him the paper, tell him what i was thinking of and see what his take on it would be. I gave it to him, he drew all these amazing characters/planets and gave it back to me, Perfect! he left me all this cool space to weave my thing in and around, so i sat and stared at it and wondered what the hell i was going to add to this? The result you see here, This is a unique collaboration with my favorite Graffiti writer, I play guitar so to me this is like getting to jam with Jimi Hendrix, its a privilege and and honor to be able to present this print to you as this will not happen again.


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